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I have three sisters and a brother, Of whom I am the smaller. Do you think, that all this stretching, just might make me taller?


I bought a pet anteater, It was a stupid thing to do. The family is all mad at me. We’re really going to miss Aunt Lou.


If I could turn invisible, So none of my friends could see me, It would make them all get jealous And they’d all try to be like me. I wouldn’t have to do my chores, ‘Cause if Mom came to remind me, I would just turn invisible, So that she could never find me. There […]

Something I Didn’t Do

“Would you be mad at me,” Jan asked, “For something that I didn’t do?” “Of course not,” said her teacher, “Why would I be mad at you?” “I got a new computer game And it was such a lot of fun; I’m glad you won’t be mad because I didn’t get my homework done.”

Goldie’s Funeral

We had a funeral yesterday It was a very sad affair I had three goldfish in a bowl And now there’re only two in there. My Dad said when a goldfish dies Just flush it down the toilet bowl. I tried to but it wouldn’t fit I had to dig a great big hole. Dad […]