Consider the Unicorn

Let’s consider the unicorn…
Such a grand weapon on its head!
Have you ever stopped to wonder
Why all the unicorns are dead?

When God first built the unicorn,
He made them so that they would last.
He made them look much like a horse,
With draft horse legs both strong and fast.

With a horn shaped like a dagger,
He was quite a fearsome fighter.
So could anybody’s future
Possibly have been brighter?

With such beauty and mighty strength,
And speed in which they could exult,
The unicorns were a couple
That had one tiny little fault.

You wouldn’t think it all that bad
That they both liked to sleep in late,
But this lazy little habit
Became the thing that sealed their fate.

So if you tend to sleep late too,
It would be best that you take note…
Because when Noah’s Ark departed,
Guess who it was that missed the boat?


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