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Mess Master

When it comes to making messes, Mom says that I’m the very best. She says that I would make an A, If Teacher gave me a mess test. It doesn’t take me very long To make a huge mess anymore. I think a mess is not complete If you can see parts of the floor!

Dads are Fun

Oh little balloon, Up in the sky, You left me, now I’m going to cry. When my dad bought You, just for me, I held you up For all to see, Cause no one else Had one like you; My dad bought me The only blue. Now you’re laughing At me, I know, As I […]


Mom said my toy truck’s gar-unteed, One hundred sixty three percent. So I hit it with my hammer; It didn’t even make a dent! “Unstructable”, my mommy said. Why would they make a toy like that? I threw it ‘way up in the air, And hit it with my loom-num bat. The bat was old […]

Rainy Day

I never like A rainy day, When I can’t go Outside and play. I wish that there Could be a rule, It only rains When I’m in school! And if my wish Would just come true, I think Mom would Be happy too!

Sand Monster

I built a big sand monster On the beach down by the sea. It was so big and ugly That it even frightened me! I think it would have caught me, When I went back there next day, If a big humongous wave Hadn’t washed it all away.