It was a thing I had to do,
As I have always liked to build.
A strong force so deep within me
It could not easily be killed.

It had been a mighty project,
The construction of a city.
All the buildings tall and stately,
Trees and parklands all so pretty.

Each structure built from master plans,
Each placed for its desired effect.
No longer could there be a doubt,
I was a master architect.

But now my buildings are no more,
This mighty city I had made.
The kindergarten bell had rung,
The sandbox trampled by first grade.

Did you ever work hard to build something in a sandbox or on the beach, just to have someone come and kick it down? Sand castles are like snow sculptures, in that, appreciation for your labors must come quickly before the beauty erodes.

The little kindergartener in Architect knew that the big kids would destroy his masterpiece when they came out for their recess. Much like toadstools, sand castles are created just to be kicked over. Some people get just as much fun out of taking something apart as someone else had building it. Our two younger sons, Jon and Tim, spent many happy hours taking apart an old TV and other things. Today one is a doctor and the other a computer scientist, so such inquisitiveness certainly should not be discouraged; that is, unless it’s one that is being used at the time.

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#1 Jeremy on 02.08.13 at 4:17 pm

I liked the poem about a architect

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