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Faith Without Works

He was an inner city priest, in an inner city parish. He had a life long dream that anyone would cherish. A dream to build a shelter for the homeless on the street, Where they could sleep in safety and a place where they could eat. One day while he was praying, he thought the […]


Once upon a time a man, Although you might think it odd, Thought that he was sly enough, To actually outwit God. Now this was the poor man’s plan, How he would go about it. It is said this story’s true, Although I tend to doubt it. He said, “Dear God is it so, With […]


When the pope arrived in heaven He had just one thing in mind. He would read the Word of God Uncorrupted by mankind. The commandments he read first In the language God had written. Words no human tongue could form With their beauty he was smitten. Then he read the Holy Word From beginning to […]

Storing Up Treasures

With so great a wealth He just couldn’t die. No one can bribe God But he wanted to try. He’d heard of people Making deals with the Devil, So why not deal On a much higher level? He knew he was old He was in bad health. He had to decide What to do with […]