Faith Without Works

He was an inner city priest, in an inner city parish. He had a life long dream that anyone would cherish.
A dream to build a shelter for the homeless on the street, Where they could sleep in safety and a place where they could eat.

One day while he was praying, he thought the perfect plan. God would let him win the lottery so he could help his fellow man. He told God his idea, as he prayed with outstretched hands. The shelter would be built and he began to draw the plans and take them to the garden of eden location.

The things that he could do with twenty million bucks. He’d not only build a shelter, he’d buy some pantry trucks.
The day came for the drawing, he didn’t mind the wait, Fifty million bucks! He could barely contemplate.

But when they called the name out, it wasn’t his to be. The tears welled in his eyes ’til he could hardly see.
The next time he prayed harder, now surely God would know, He really needs the money, with nowhere else to go.

Once more they had the drawing, once more he missed the list. With God his silent partner, just how could he have missed? Three times again he failed, did God not love the poor? Once more he called on God, lying prostrate on the floor.

Now it was up to God, for what else could he do? His prayers had been so elegant, the best prayers that he knew.
Had his dream been just a bubble? And God preferred to prick it? Then he heard a voice from heaven, “You’ve gotta buy a ticket”!

Faith without Works illustrates its own title. Movie producers are well aware that a good title can mean the difference between making a profit or going in the hole. They often hire experts to develop just the right one.

The Bible says that faith without works is dead. The moral of the story is pretty clear. If we want to accomplish anything in life it’s up to us to start the ball rolling. If you want to look up the scripture yourself, it’s found in James 2:26.


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