Once upon a time a man,
Although you might think it odd,
Thought that he was sly enough,
To actually outwit God.

Now this was the poor man’s plan,
How he would go about it.
It is said this story’s true,
Although I tend to doubt it.

He said, “Dear God is it so,
With you time has no limit?
That a million years to you,
Is but a Godly minute?”

“To me time has no meaning”,
Was God’s answer to the dunce.
“Time is made for humans so,
Things won’t happen all at once.”

Now the fool was elated,
God was falling in his trap
And now great untold riches,
Would soon fall into his lap!

“God, I know your wealth is great,
And your riches are many,
And that a million dollars,
Is much less than a penny?”

Now God knew right from the first,
What the dummy was about.
He said, “since I made the world,
Of my riches there’s no doubt.”

The fool said, “That is great Lord,
Of wealth, I haven’t any
So in strictest Godly terms,
Could you spare me a penny?”

God said, “I will be glad to,
To me it is no trouble”.
But then what God told him next,
Sure burst The dummy’s bubble.

“My wealth like my love is free,
To you there is no limit,
So you may have a penny,
If you can wait a minute!”

Almost everyone who has ever said a prayer has propositioned God at one time or another. We’ve said, “God, if you will do such and such, I will do whatever.” If God were to hold us to all of these promises, we would be in a lot of trouble (and maybe we are). The man in Proposition, whom I have named Schmedlap, has promised nothing in return for the favor he has asked of God. He is probably the kind of person that wouldn’t have kept his side of the bargain anyway.

An evangelist once came to our church and in giving an illustration of a foolish man, kept referring to him as “Bueford”. He should have caught on when no one laughed; we had a member named Bueford sitting right there with his wife and kids. I have never run into a Schmedlap and have used him as a fall guy many times. If there are any Schmedlaps out there, I apologize.


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