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He was young and he was strong. He could run the whole day long. With just the strength of arm and leg, He could climb the highest crag. He knew that with his strength alone, He could protect both flesh and bone. So he would climb the highest heights, Just to enjoy the lofty sights. […]

I’m Fine

The courthouse was empty of all but a few, Who’d come to see how the farmer would do, The truck company’s lawyer was known for his skill, He’d make you look stupid, then go for the kill. He started right off with his usual line, “Now when you got hurt, you said you were fine.” […]

The Lesson

Well, God let me down, it was so plain to see, It felt just the same as if he had kicked me. I knew that the job was the one that I needed, I told God my plan and I prayed and I pleaded. My goal was in sight, my future planned out. I knew […]

Bacon Tree

With the cowboy’s thick Jewish accent, I could understand one word in three. He warned, “Don’t go up da mountain trail Because up dere ees a bacon tree.” My horse was very tired and hungry, He wouldn’t last the trip around. And a “bacon tree” would be the least Of all of the dangers I […]

God I’m Good

From a suggestion by the late Rev. John M. Bell So far today God, I’ve done all right. I’ve kept the deal I made last night. I haven’t caused you any pain, Nor have I used your name in vain. I haven’t thought to cheat or steal. I think my life has changed for real. […]