God I’m Good

From a suggestion by the late Rev. John M. Bell

So far today God, I’ve done all right.
I’ve kept the deal I made last night.
I haven’t caused you any pain,
Nor have I used your name in vain.

I haven’t thought to cheat or steal.
I think my life has changed for real.
I know you doubt, but it is true,
My every thought has been of You.

No gossip from these lips so far,
A better attitude than par.
I haven’t argued with my wife,
Nor caused my children any strife.

I haven’t said an unkind word,
Or repeated gossip that I’ve heard.
But God I’m going to need help soon.
I’m still in bed and it’s almost noon!

Ruth and I were married at Tachikawa Air Base, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan. Ruth was the daughter of missionaries and we spent our honeymoon with a missionary family, the Bells, in Ikoma, Japan. Reverend John Bell was later a pastor in San Antonio, Texas. He was one of the early supporters of my endeavors to write poetry, and we loved him and still love his family dearly. He sent me a cute little story about a man who was bragging to God about how good he had been, but ended saying, “I’m going to need a lot of help now, God, because it’s morning and I’m going to get out of bed.” I had to change it somewhat, because I couldn’t think of a suitable word to rhyme with now, and noon was so easy. You can change the meaning of the title, God I’m Good, simply by the inflection of your voice.


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