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“I’m on my way to a lecture”, The drunk driver told the cop Who’d pulled him over past the light, Where the young man had failed to stop. “Who’s giving a lecture this late, And what is the lecture about?” The policeman asked the drunk driver, With a voice reflecting his doubt. “It’s about alcohol […]

Golfer’s Logic

He was at a Lamaze class With his very pregnant wife, Which is a required duty In every man’s married life. “Exercise is important,” The pretty instructor said. “Break her away from her soaps, Take her for long walks instead.” “Go walking in the country Where grass is lush and green With ponds and pretty […]

Third Husband

“You are a most unusual man,” She said holding on to his hand “You look just like my third husband, You’re so tall, and handsome, and tanned.” He said, “That’s a nice thing to say,” Although he thought it to be true. “How many husbands have you had?” She said, “Well, so far, only two!”

Budding Actor

“I’m in a movie”, He told his dad With his eyes brimming with happy tears. “I play the part of a married man Who’s been married for twenty five years”. His Dad said, “I know being an actor Has been the desire of your heart And I am very proud of you, But couldn’t you […]