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The Bagpiper

I play at lots of funerals, This one was for a homeless man. Bagpipers really like to play, And I play every chance I can. The directions I was given Were poorly done and made me late. I had missed the poor man’s funeral When I got to the graveyard gate. Only the digging crew […]


It was first game of the season, There was excitement in the air. One team had much bigger players, It didn’t seem to be quite fair. I asked a lad from the small team If he had kept up with the score. He said his home team had zero, The other team had twenty four. […]

Burial Plot

For Christmas, I gave my wife’s mom Her very own burial plot. She said that it was the weirdest Of all the presents that she got. I didn’t buy a gift this year, And she was mad as she could get! And madder still, when I explained She hadn’t used last year’s gift yet.

Just Joan

“Can you support a family?” The prospective father-in-law Asked the very nervous young man, Not pleased at all with what he saw. “Why must I support a family? I only want to marry Joan, I thought that the rest of you guys Would try to make it on your own!”