The Bagpiper

I play at lots of funerals,
This one was for a homeless man.
Bagpipers really like to play,
And I play every chance I can.

The directions I was given
Were poorly done and made me late.
I had missed the poor man’s funeral
When I got to the graveyard gate.

Only the digging crew was left;
In honor of this poor man’s soul,
I asked if I could play my pipes
Before the crew filled in the hole.

I played my heart out that evening,
Like I had never played before.
A man deserves to be honored
Even if he dies flat broke poor.

The digging crew all gathered round,
And I admit that we all cried,
Though I’m sure none of the crew
Had even known the man who died.

As I left I heard one man say,
As he was wiping away tears.
“I’ve never seen a thing like that,
And I’ve dug septic tanks for years!”

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#1 Wendell A. Brown AKA The Brown One Poet on 04.15.12 at 10:53 am

Hilariously funny! Your poem has such a beautiful rythmn and flow and you don’t want to stop even after you read the last line. Wayne i truly laughed so hard. You are truly a skilled poet! I thank God for blessing you with your gift just by reading your spirit in the poem i know that you have lifted thousands! Thanks for the web site info. I am going to park myself here a few times a day! LoL!

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