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Bad News About Grandpa

Grandpa was in the ER, He’d been there quite a while When the doctor came out. He wasn’t wearing a smile. “I’m afraid I have bad news;” With a sad look, the doctor said, “Your grandpa’s heart is beating, But I’m afraid that he’s braindead.” Grandmother was hysterical, “How could he end up like that? […]

Sea Burial

Two blondes had promised their father That they would bury him at sea. They thought that they would do the job, To save themselves the burial fee. They put him in his fishing boat, And took him out a ways from shore. They’d read the law required the grave, To be at least six feet […]

Fly Hunter

“What did you do all day?” she asked, Expecting one of his usual lies. Her smart-alecky spouse answered, “Oh, I spent the day killing flies!” “Were you a successful hunter?” She asked, very sarcastically. “I killed four males and two females,” He said, enthusiastically. “How could you tell their sex?” she asked, With skepticism in […]

Forgotten Chair

Poor Albert had passed out drinking At Johansson’s Neighborhood Bar. If his wife found out he’d been there, He could expect one holy war! He slid down off of his bar stool And landed flat out on his face. He mumbled that he must have tripped On his blankety-blank shoe lace. He pulled himself out […]