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Not For Sale

The farmer’s young wife, May Bell, Nagged him daily as a rule. She thought her husband lazy And she hated his old mule. May Bell took him lunch one day And walked up beside the plow, A bit closer to the mule, Than good prudence would allow. The sheriff said that the mule Fatally kicked […]

Fly On The Wall
Why The Fly Had To Die

Obama killed a little fly We wonder what did that fly know That caused it to receive Such a presidential blow? It was reported in the news The whole world read about it We know he killed the fly There was no doubt about it. It was shown on live TV When the little fly […]

Name That Hospital

You might be thought of as a nut Or just a conspiracy geek, For the type of information That you have been trying to seek. You can claim without ridicule You have proof the Government knows, That there are aliens flying Around our skies in UFOs. No one will ever claim that you Might have […]