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Circle Fly

The politician had a fly That was circling ’round his head. “That fly is really bothersome, It makes it hard to speak,” he said. “My daddy calls them ‘circle flies,’” Said a young lad who sat close by. “They always circle ’round someone They think is gonna tell a lie.” “Are you calling me a […]

Case Dismissed

Each of the two divorcees Were divorced from the same man. The two of them were fighting As only one man’s ex-wives can. Each of the ex-wives stated That the other’s claim was phony; Just a lame attempt to get Most of the alimony. They had brought their fight to court, Each one wanting all […]

Wrong Number

Just now when I called home My six-year-old picked up the phone. I asked if I could speak to Mom; She said, “No, I’m here all alone.” “Where is your Mother?” I asked her. “She’s gone upstairs with Mr. Brown. I’m supposed to watch TV And stay right here ‘til they come down.” “She told […]

The Plan Of Salvation

A Rabbi, Priest, and  Minister Were discussing Salvation’s plan. They wondered why Salvation Had been offered solely to man. Each friend had his own idea Of just how to gain salvation But all three of them had agreed It should be for all  creation. They decided they’d be the first To teach salvation to a […]