Wrong Number

Just now when I called home
My six-year-old picked up the phone.
I asked if I could speak to Mom;
She said, “No, I’m here all alone.”

“Where is your Mother?” I asked her.
“She’s gone upstairs with Mr. Brown.
I’m supposed to watch TV
And stay right here ‘til they come down.”

“She told you not to come upstairs?
Now listen to me, what I say.
Go up and knock on Mother’s door
Tell her Dad’s out in our driveway.”

She was laughing when she returned.
“Daddy, it was really cool!
Mr. Brown dove out Mom’s window
And almost made it to the pool.”

“He crashed right through the sunroof shed
And landed on the concrete deck
Mommy’s out there screaming loud,
She yelling that he broke his neck.”

I said, “You’re not Mary, are you?
I wondered why you weren’t in school!
I must have dialed the wrong number.
We don’t even have a pool!”


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