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No Need to Fear

He sat in his doctor’s office, Consternation on his face, He hadn’t very long to live For death, now, had entered the race. He had great fear of the unknown, Fears he knew he should not abide. He asked the doctor if he knew What waited on the other side? He said, “I’ve always believed […]

The Whole Load

He was a country preacher, With a country preacher’s zeal. His earnings were quite small Sometimes a single meal. Attendance was erratic, His congregation small. But when all thirty came at once, They barely fit inside the hall. Then one snowy Sunday morning One old rancher named Jerome, Was the only one to show up, […]

Make Believe Tea

She was the cutest little two year old And she was smart as she could be. She was playing with her tea set And she was serving Daddy tea. She was bringing cups of water, While he was watching Evening News. He smacked his lips and drank each one, No way her Daddy could refuse. […]

The Pastor’s Daughter

The young girl asked her father “Why do you always bow your head Right before you begin to preach, While the scripture is being read?” “I ask God for a good sermon, That’s something that I always do.” “If you ask for a good sermon, Why doesn’t he give one to you?”

Stolen Duck

He sat in the confessional; There was someone he’d done harm. He was carrying a young duck That was tucked beneath his arm. He said he had stolen it And would the priest please take it… “Since it is a stolen duck, My wife refused to bake it.” The priest said, “I don’t want it,” […]