Stolen Duck

He sat in the confessional;
There was someone he’d done harm.
He was carrying a young duck
That was tucked beneath his arm.

He said he had stolen it
And would the priest please take it…
“Since it is a stolen duck,
My wife refused to bake it.”

The priest said, “I don’t want it,”
As the duck began to quack.
“Find the man you stole it from,
Confess to him, and give it back.”

He said, “Well I tried to Father,
But he refused to take the duck.”
“Then you may keep it”, said the priest,
“That he refused is your good luck.”

The man went home and told his wife,
“It’s ours, now you can bake it.
I tried to return his duck,
But the priest refused to take it.”


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