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The old man sitting next to me Was searching for his ticket. He said he’d looked in all the places Where he would usually stick it. I told him, “Tell me where you’re going And I will gladly pay your fare. He said, “That’s why I need my ticket, It’s how I’ll know when I […]

My Own Little World

I live in my own little world Where I have nothing to fear. I’m safe in my own little world, Because nobody knows me here.

I’m Just Visiting Here

The tall overconfident man Asked the beautiful young lady, “How do you handle the strange men, Whose attentions seem a bit shady?” “When I don’t want a man’s attention I always make it very clear. When he asks me for my address, I tell him, “I’m just visiting here.” He laughed and told the young […]

In the Beginning

The new patient lay on his couch Superiority on his face, Sent to him for therapy By the judge who heard his case. The psychiatrist said, “Let’s start At the beginning, since your birth.” The man said, “In the beginning I created Heaven and Earth.”

Driver’s License

He asked her for her driver’s license. The pretty blonde was quite mad. “Yesterday you took away The only license that I had!”