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She always tried to please him And ignore his grumpy mood. He fussed about her cooking And the way she fixed his food. She’d fried his eggs for breakfast But he’d shoved his plate aside. “I wanted eggs for breakfast, But I didn’t want them fried.” So she scrambled him two eggs Trying to avoid […]


He’s careful of the things he does And of the things he eats for food. Just when you think he’s quite a sage He goes and gets himself tattooed! He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink, Such habits he has soundly booed. Just as you think he’s one smart guy He goes and gets himself tattooed. […]


He had been gone almost a week His yearly hunting trip alone. With out a thought of his poor wife, He didn’t bother once to phone. Now he could see that she was mad. Such times when simple caution pays. “Just how would you feel,” she asked him, “To not see me for seven days?” […]