She always tried to please him
And ignore his grumpy mood.
He fussed about her cooking
And the way she fixed his food.

She’d fried his eggs for breakfast
But he’d shoved his plate aside.
“I wanted eggs for breakfast,
But I didn’t want them fried.”

So she scrambled him two eggs
Trying to avoid a fight.
“I didn’t want them scrambled
Can’t you ever get it right?”

Then she poached two eggs for him
Though it’s much more of a chore.
He just looked at them and said
“Can’t you fry eggs any more?”

Then she thought of what to do
So that he could not complain.
She would get them right this time
Before he drove her insane.

So she cooked him one of each.
When she showed him what she’d done,
He said, “Can’t you get it right?
Now you’ve scrambled the wrong one!”


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