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Mushroom Madness

The mushrooms looked so delicious That she had gone to pick some more. They looked exactly like the ones They sell at the grocery store. But to be sure they weren’t poison, She’d given some of them to Spot; She soaked them in bacon grease And then she fed him quite a lot. Old Spot […]

The School Mascot

“The school mascot, Old Bill, the goat, Has to find a new place to live.” The coach informed the football team, “Because his shed leaks like a sieve.” One of the players told the coach That they could keep him in their dorm. They could feed him from the chow hall And they could keep […]

God Bless You

If I meet God, And I will, if he pleases. What do I tell Him, In the event that he sneezes?

More than I Can Handle

If more than I can handle God had promised not to give, Then He had lost my address And forgotten where I live. It is evident to me, God and I were out of touch Or I think He would have seen That He trusted me too much. Then he showed me how the dark […]