Mushroom Madness

The mushrooms looked so delicious
That she had gone to pick some more.
They looked exactly like the ones
They sell at the grocery store.

But to be sure they weren’t poison,
She’d given some of them to Spot;
She soaked them in bacon grease
And then she fed him quite a lot.

Old Spot had been such a bother,
His death would surely be no loss;
He’d gotten old and arthritic
And then of late he’d been quite cross.

She’d fed them to him yesterday
And he seemed to be feeling fine
And now her meal was all prepared,
She had invited friends to dine.

They were very complimentary
‘Specially of her Mushroom Fish!
And she was justly proud of it,
It was a very tasty dish.

And then the neighbor’s boy stopped by,
He said that his dog Spot was dead.
You could tell he had been crying
Because his eyes were swollen red.

Her guests would not soon forgive her
For their stomach-pumping ordeal.
They couldn’t believe what she’d done
Or just how sick she’d made them feel.

When next she met the neighbor boy
She saw that he was very sad.
When she asked how he was doing,
He said that he was feeling bad.

“Just how did old Spot die?”, she asked,
Now feeling like some low life creep.
He said, “A truck ran over him,
Dad had to have him put to sleep!”


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