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Valuable Dog

The pastor was known for sermons That were too long and uninspired. It seems that every time he preached He very seldom ever tired. This Sunday had been different. His sermon had been very short He said he had just half his notes, ‘Cause his dog ate the other part. A departing guest said, “Pastor, […]


A policeman on surveillance Watched him stagger out of the bar. Watched him stumble across the street In search for where he’d parked his car. He watched him fumble with his keys… He’d nail him like a sitting duck. People began to leave the bar, Seven cars and a pickup truck But he had picked […]

Garden Plot

It was time to plant his garden But he had grown too old and weak. Without his fresh vegetables The old man’s future would be bleak. His only son was put in jail Before he got the garden tilled. The law was searching for the body Of the man his boy had killed. The son […]

Late to Work

Harry had worked there twenty years; He always punched in right at eight. You could set your watch by Harry But this morning Harry was late. All of us had taken notice When eight o’clock had come and past. We began to check our watches Each thinking that his watch was fast. When Harry finally […]

Dear Mr. Government Man, Sir

Dear Mr. Government Man, Sir The law called my folks yesterday. The sheriff told my ma and pa That you guys were looking for me. Said I had up and broke the law. It seems that when they sign you up, You’re not allowed to run away. I know you’re busy catchin’ crooks But please […]