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Three Deaf Men

Three deaf old friends were walking One said, “It’s windy, isn’t it?” Another said, “No it’s Thursday, Although it’s easy to forget.” The third said, “Well, I’m thirsty too. And if we weren’t all so flat broke We could walk down to the drugstore And buy us each a great big coke.”

It’s Written In My Heart

You know that I have loved you And I’ve loved you from the start. When I forget to tell you, It’s still written in my heart. Now as I look back and see, Just how long that it has been. I know if I’d just met you, That I’d fall for you again.

Mrs. Jones

Little Johnny hated To go to bed at night, So he would always fuss And put up quite a fight. Tonight Mama’s patience Was really wearing thin. She said, “I will spank you If you yell ‘Mom’ again!” Little Jonny needing Hardly no time to think. Yelled, “OK, Mrs. Jones, Would you bring me a […]

Wedding Vows

The young wife told her husband, As he started out the door, “Honey, you never tell me That you love me anymore!” He said, “When we got married, I am sure I told you so And if it ever changes You will be the first to know!” Teasing your wife about love, He learned is […]