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Bus Wreck

“What caused your wreck?” the doctor asked While he was setting another bone. “Peanuts,” the bus driver told him, In a dejected kind of tone. “Peanuts?” the doctor asked the man, “Just how did peanuts cause your wreck? I guess you know how close you came To dying with a broken neck?” “They kept feeding […]

Sunday School Teacher

“One of the ten commandments says Honor your father and mother. Is there a commandment that tells How to treat sister and brother?” When she asked her Sunday School class, The first to raise his hand was Will. Looking at his sister, he said, “The one that says, ‘Thou shall not kill!’ ”

Doctors on Strike

All the doctors carried signs But no one seemed to heed them, Except for the pharmacists. Seems no one else could read them.


She had survived a heart attack And she was really feeling low. She prayed to God, “Don’t let me die, I’ve lots to do before I go.” God said He had heard her prayer And that He understood her fears. She had been a faithful worker So God promised her twelve more years. Twelve promised […]