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Repeat Performance

Fred had called old Pete “Chicken” Because he wouldn’t fly the plane. To take off with this heavy load Pete said would surely be insane. “The pilot that I had last year Certainly showed a lot more guts.” Pete told him, “Your load’s too heavy. The guy last year must have been nuts!” Fred claimed, […]


I think that ice is very nice When I have it in my tea. I think that ice is not so nice When it gets slippery.

X-Ray Romance

An X-ray technician Married my friend Jim. I’d really like to know What she saw in him!

Risky Diagnosis

Old Doc said, “Ailments such as yours Make my diagnosis risky, But I’m sure that the problem is Caused by drinking too much whiskey.” The patient said, “Don’t worry Doc Because I know how tough it’s been. My next appointment’s in two weeks And maybe you’ll be sober then?”