Repeat Performance

Fred had called old Pete “Chicken”
Because he wouldn’t fly the plane.
To take off with this heavy load
Pete said would surely be insane.

“The pilot that I had last year
Certainly showed a lot more guts.”
Pete told him, “Your load’s too heavy.
The guy last year must have been nuts!”

Fred claimed, “The plane I used last year
Was actually somewhat smaller.
And, the pilot was a woman;
You want me to go and call her?”

“If a woman took off last year
Then I guess I can do it too.
Go load your cargo on my plane
And we will see what it will do.”

The plane crashed soon after takeoff,
With luck, both had survived the crash.
But the plane and all its cargo
Was now a jumbled pile of trash.

Pete said, “Now where the heck are we?
We’ve lost my plane and all your gear.”
Fred groaned, “I think we’re pretty close
To the same place we crashed last year!”


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