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Sweet Memories

“Grandma brought us water pistols!” My two sons screamed with wild delight And then they ran of happily To start their water pistol fight. I said, “We had water pistols, Don’t you recall what you went through When we almost drove you crazy?” Mom smiled and said, “Of course I do!”

Elephant Hunter

My daddy hunted little ducks I’d like to hunt much bigger game ‘Cause hunting little helpless ducks I think is really kind of lame. I’m told when hunting elephants You have to use some sneaky ploys. The first thing that I’d like to know Is how to carry my decoys!

Last Thing He Remembered

He had talked back to the sergeant? He was stupid instead of brave. “So when I die,” the sergeant asked, You’ll be there dancing on my grave?” “There’s no way”, the private answerd, With his usual silly grin. “Once I get outta the Army I ain’t standing in line again!”

Standing in Line

Sergeant had just finished ranting And now he was starting to rave You can’t wait till I die, he said So you can come dance on my grave. “Not me, one brave private answered” (We’ll notify his next of kin.) “When I get out of the service I’ll never stand in line again.”

Upstairs Neighbors

He said that his upstairs neighbors Liked to stomp on their floor and shout. I asked, “Why haven’t you complained? Go ask them what it’s all about.” He said, “It’s not worth the trouble, It hasn’t bothered me so far, And besides, they only do it When I’m practicing my guitar.”