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I met Death coming toward our town, So I stopped him and asked him why… He told me that one hundred souls In our town had been picked to die. I rushed back to tell the people. I had to warn all of my friends; To let them know one hundred souls Were picked by […]


Who gets the biggest slice of pizza? Tom and Fred’s argument ongoing. Mom thought she could fix the argument With just a bit of mother’s knowing. “Remember Jesus up in Heaven? When we argue He always sees us. If he were here he’d take the small piece.” Tom said, “Okay Fred, you be Jesus!”

Blind Date

Some of my friends had fixed me up, They said this guy was really great. They said that I had not yet lived Until I’d had my first blind date. He took me to a mountain lodge Where we enjoyed the day on skis. We had hit it off together So we were both intent […]