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Oldest Man Alive

I am the oldest Man alive. I’m one hundred And forty-five. I read it so It must be real. You’re no older Than you feel. So if it’s true What experts say, Then that’s how old I am today!


The Iraqi’s wife walked in front. I told him it was good to see, That treating women as equals Was a sign of democracy. He said, “Forget democracy And forget all your crazy signs. I have to let her walk in front Because of the stupid land-mines!”

Bingo Prayer

Their boat was beginning to sink And it was time for them to pray. But neither one of them knew how; Neither one knew just what to say. One of them lived next to a church, He said that he had heard them pray. He said he would give it a try And maybe they […]


Her son had been making a fuss And she was carrying him out. The preacher, known to be quite loud, Had just begun to yell and shout. He stopped and called to the woman, Seeing her countenance was grim. “He’s not bothering me, Sister.” She said, “No, you’re bothering him!”

Dump Dress

Yesterday my wife told me, Often during times of stress When she is down in the dumps, She will buy herself a dress. I looked at her and told her, “Well it’s not as if I care, But the dress that you have on Must be one that you got there!”