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Mommy Test

Big Sister and her baby brother Were playing down on the kitchen floor. Sis said, “Don’t put food scraps in your mouth Because it will make your tummy sore.” “How do you know that?” Her brother asked. “‘Cause Mommy told me and she knows best. She has to know about everything To pass the, ‘Become-A-Mommy’ […]


Mother always laughed and told me, “Get your elbows off the table.” She thought that it was kinda funny ‘Cause she made it rhyme with Mabel Would she have thought it as funny If my name had been Eloise? Because then she’d have to tell me Somewhere I shouldn’t put my knees!

Hospital Gown

The nurse said, “Take off all your clothes And put on this hospital gown. The pictures on the wall tell how. The doctor will be right around.” The one who drew the diagrams, Displayed there on the see-through wall, Had never tried to put one on In this dumb four by five foot stall. Three […]


I got a trophy for most humble, It was awarded by my peers. I put the trophy on my desk In hopes of praise and cheers. So there wasn’t much That I could say When they came and took The thing away.

Headphone Harry

Harry wore his music headphones Turned up several times too loud. He had a hundred thousand tunes Of which he was so very proud. Harry heard all the country stars And all of the songs that they sang. But outside Harry’s earphone world, He couldn’t hear a single thing. But Harry’s music stopped today, I […]