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Eve’s Little Secret

Once when God and Eve were on their nightly walk, The two alone, making small talk in the park. “You know”, Eve said to God, “You made me quite small, And sometimes at night I’m afraid of the dark. All the animals have mates with which to cuddle To talk and share and to pleasure […]

Advantages of Being Short

Statistics show that short folks Hardly ever bump their heads And short people fit nicely On the shortest hotel beds. They can swim in kiddy pools And clothes are somewhat cheaper. Their caskets are a bargain When they go to meet the reaper. If they get caught in the rain, They’re the last ones to […]

The Munchies

My friend said to cook a hot dog Roast it and eat it on a bun. Well, it was certainly tasty I think I’ll catch another one.

Stupid Question

I asked the man for some lumber scraps, “How long do you need them?” He asked me. “I need them for a long time.” I said, “I’m going to build a house in a tree!”

You Just Missed It

I promised to clean my house And I really did mean it. I finally cleaned it yesterday I wish you could have seen it!