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Skiis for Christmas

He got me skiis for Christmas, I have always wanted some. I don’t know how to use them, Henry said the skills would come. I couldn’t wait to get here To descend the steepest drift, And to hang ‘tween sky and earth On the death defying lift. Headlong down the slope I go, Excitement meant […]

Over the Hill

No matter how dull or how slow The life that you presently lead, Once you get over the hill, You can bet it will pick up speed. Birthdays and anniversaries Seem to come at least twice a year. And the things you’d like to savor Have the speed of a frightened deer. With age, we […]

Golden Bells

The city mayor passed away, The widow asked if I would sing. I called her on the telephone To ask what music I should bring. “He wanted ‘Jingle Bells’,” she said, As she was fighting back her tears. I thought it strange but, well I knew, The mayor had gotten up in years. So, next […]

God’s Dollar

Two crispy new one-dollar bills Mother gave to little Andy. One bill to give in Sunday school And one bill to spend on candy. Although it was bright and sunny, It was a very windy day. A gust of wind just came along And snatched both of the bills away. One bill stuck on a […]


The other day someone Asked if we owned a cat. So I had to explain, Before I answered that. Our family owns a dog, A milk cow and her calf. But we don’t own our cat, He thinks of us as staff!