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Empty Chair

Daddy had an empty chair, Sitting right next to his bed. No one knew why it was there Because Daddy never said. The old chair had first appeared After Mother passed away It was part of Daddy’s life, Ever since that awful day. Then Dad had a heart attack None of us kids had been […]


A messy sandwich and a baby, It was tough to hold the two. I gave the baby to my wife; I knew that she’d know what to do. I licked the mustard from my finger Then I heard my dear wife say. “Little Darling’s stinky pooh-pooh.” That kind of thought can ruin one’s day. I […]


I went to the ballet, There were dancers With mini skirts And bouncy curls. They all stood on Their tippy-toes; Couldn’t they just Get taller girls?

God’s Getting Better

She sat there on her Grandpa’s knee, As he read to her from her book. She felt first of his cheek, then hers, And her face had a puzzled look. She touched his gnarled weathered hands, As she sat on his bony knee. And then she asked him once again, “And you think God also […]

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” Is a question that’s often heard. Must there be reason for her act Since she is just a stupid bird? With wider roads and faster cars She’s often flattened like a toad. I think the question best be phrased Why did she try to cross the road? But […]