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The Q

An O with a stumpy tail, A letter of little use, Used by the duck But not by the goose. A letter of which I’m not too keen But used by royalty It’s fit for a queen. When we play Scrabble We find that the Q Is almost worthless Without its U. I’ve much in […]

New Fur Coat

I surprised my wife with a new fur coat She chased me out the door! You’d think she’d never seen a man In a new fur coat before.


She had grown up in a war zone, An adult though only five. Her family killed around her, How had she remained alive? Then one day a soldier found her, Such a sad and lonely waif. So he brought her to the mission Where he knew that she’d be safe. But the spark of life […]

One Shoe Off and One Shoe On

Everybody messes with me They think it’s some kind of a game. They laugh and ask me why I limp Because they know that I’m not lame. They know it’s ’cause I wear one shoe, They all think I lost the other. And they are always scolding me They remind me of my mother. If […]

Hillbilly Wedding

The mountain man stood in Old Doc’s office Angrily shifting his chaw. “You need to fix this man up, Doc, Because he’s my son-in-law.” “I shot him full of buckshot But I reckon he ain’t hurt that much. You fix him up real good And I’ll pay you with eggs and such.” “You shot your […]