She had grown up in a war zone,
An adult though only five.
Her family killed around her,
How had she remained alive?

Then one day a soldier found her,
Such a sad and lonely waif.
So he brought her to the mission
Where he knew that she’d be safe.

But the spark of life had left her
And she never laughed or cried.
Locked up in a wall of silence
Since the day her parents died.

The doctor said with lots of love
She could still outgrow her fears.
But the terrible things she’d seen,
He said, it could well take years.

But then one night she proved him wrong,
She came running with a book.
It had a picture of Jesus;
She had everybody look.

She pressed the picture to her cheek,
No longer quiet or sad.
“This is the nice man who held me
When the bombs killed Mom and Dad.”


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