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A Mother’s Dilemma

How do I get myself involved In situations such as this? Should I try to explain myself Or just let ignorance be bliss? All day long I talk to children ‘Cause that is what we mothers do. All the adults I meet each day Consistently seem to be few. I have Harvey, who just turned […]

Just a Penny

Just a penny, just a penny, The tramp saw it half hidden there. For such a small amount as that, The tramp had given little care. A little urchin saw it next And wrapped it in his grimy fist. He thought of wonders he would buy And he had dreamed of quite a list. He […]

Church Hopper

We found him on an island In the middle of the sea. He had been there, he said, Since early eighty-three. He showed us his dwelling, He had built up in a tree. But we saw he’d built two more And we asked why there were three. He answered, looking down, From his lofty tree […]

Pack Animal

My wife always takes me shopping, Although I never want to go. It’s not because I have the money, She carries all the dough. It’s not to keep her company Because our conversation lags. She likes to take me shopping, So I can carry all the bags.

Royal Flush

I wanted to be a circuit preacher when I finished Bible school. I never would get rich but I’d be Gods pliant tool. Building a reputation, practice preaching on weekends; I’d taught in lots of churches and I’d made a lot of friends. One little country church, I had liked especially. I preached there several […]