A Mother’s Dilemma

How do I get myself involved
In situations such as this?
Should I try to explain myself
Or just let ignorance be bliss?

All day long I talk to children
‘Cause that is what we mothers do.
All the adults I meet each day
Consistently seem to be few.

I have Harvey, who just turned five
And Annie who has just turned four.
Two is all the kids I wanted
But Larry wanted to have more.

So Laura now is two years old
And last week little Pete turned three.
My conversation’s limited
With only kids to talk with me.

I had been a little fearful
Being invited out to eat.
But just to get away from kids
Would surely be a pleasant treat.

Larry’s boss is real important,
At the top of his profession.
Who would the other guests all be?
Would I make a good impression?

Of all the places to seat me,
The chair next to my husband’s boss,
Could I talk intelligently,
Or would I be a total loss?

Well I started talking quickly
About all of the things I knew.
Why the dinosaur is purple
And why the daytime sky is blue.

We’d discussed why some stars twinkle
And why you mustn’t ride a cow.
I thought that I was doing great,
That is right up until just now.

My face must be a real bright red.
I think my heart has skipped a beat.
I just pulled his plate next to mine
And I am cutting up his meat!


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