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Help Mate

He was strolling towards Hank’s car, With a clipboard in his hand, His uniform was spotless. And his hands and face were tanned. He motioned at the window And Hank quickly rolled it down. His face was stern and smile-less With a less than pleasant frown. Hank saw the thing he carried Wasn’t a clipboard […]

Drunk Driver

“Just how did you know he was drunk, The fellow who smashed up your hood?” I asked as I looked at her grill While picking out pieces of wood. She said, “Well he must have been drunk, The way that he ran into me. Why else would someone be driving Around in a stupid old […]

Phone Booth

As I was looking for a phone, To make a call, the other day, I noticed, without asking me, They’d taken all the booths away. How long ago had this been done Or maybe I just failed to see, That something else had been removed That I felt had belonged to me? No wall to […]


A stupid goat ate my homework. I know that she won’t believe it. Once the goat got started eating There’s no way I could retrieve it. I think all teachers are alike, They don’t want to believe the truth. Russian spies really stole my books Out of the drugstore pay-phone booth. When space aliens took […]


Don’t take their word If someone casts doubt. Don’t make up your mind ‘Til you’ve tried it out. If someone throws bricks Don’t build a wall. Build a foundation, On which to stand tall. When you are discouraged Give a good hearty laugh; The only thing final Is your epitaph.