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The Bet

If God has a sense of humor, Then he most surely thinks it’s funny; She took an oath of poverty But she’s always getting money. A brand new hundred dollar bill, Some very thoughtful person sent. She had no desire for money, It gave no reason to repent. Just why did God send her money? […]

The Sermon

The church looked like a post card, Well-kept lawns and shiny steeple. It had a sign out front that said, “All are welcome, we love people.” The men all dressed in Sunday suits, The women were all neat and prim. The church was treated like God’s house And they all came to honor him. It […]

The Missionary

He thought about the life he’d lived, How he had spent it all for God. How he had taught about God’s love And the many miles he had trod. No time to have a family And now his health was going fast. He had passed the time allotted But he’d labored until the last. He […]

The Excuse

They had stayed too long at play, And now they would miss their test. Prof. Brown was unforgiving, Not gullible like the rest. They needed a good story That Prof. Brown would think sincere. This test they missed, their final, Most important of the year. Just then they passed a woman, At her car beside […]

Old Friends

I’d been called for jury duty, it was hurry up and wait; While they tried to pick the twelve who’d decide some poor guy’s fate. We all compared our numbers as we stood there in the hall, Each one of us in secret hoped we wouldn’t get the call. I had spent my boyhood here, […]