My Guardian Angel

A tiny voice said in her ear,
As she started to leave the store;
“Stop right there where you are”, it said
And don’t take even one step more!”

A pile of bricks came crashing down
And landed where she would have been;
A wheelbarrow and some other things,
Were followed by some rusty tin.

Then, as she ran to catch a cab;
“Don’t take that cab,” the same voice said.
A city bus broadsided it,
She’d come that close to being dead!

She asked, “Who are you, Tiny Voice,
Who saved my life not once but twice?”
“I am your guardian angel,
I’m here to give you good advice.”

“Now that you know I’m always here,
Do you have anything to say?”
“I have one question, Angel Guy;
Where were you on my wedding day?”


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