Alia’s Coloring Book

There’s nothing that Alia likes
More than to color in her book.
She uses colors that she likes
And never cares how strange they look.

Who made the rules that skies are blue
Or that the grass has to be green?
The horses that she colors pink
Are prettier than some I have seen.

If you’ve not seen a purple cow,
Then you’ve not seen Alia’s book.
Orange dinosaurs, and Teddy bears,
Can all be found there, if you look.

All of those rules about the lines,
That say you must stay in between;
Make no more sense to our Alia
Than those that say grass must be green.

And if you criticize her art,
For colors you think don’t agree,
Then maybe things in grownup land
Are not the same as when you’re three.


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