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I really have a lot of friends If friends are all the kids you know. I like Fred and Steve and Alice And then of course there’s always Joe. I’ll always like Fred and Alice And I’ll always like Joe and Steve. But most of all it’s Joe I like I guess it’s ’cause he’s […]

Four Bears

My uncle gave me a Teddy bear My Daddy gave me two. I include my Teddy bears In everything I do. When Grandpa comes to visit us He always teases me. Today he said I have forebears When all I have is three.

Grandma’s House

I love to go to Grandma’s house, Because it has that certain smell. So if you’ve been to Grandma’s house, It isn’t hard for me to tell. I love to walk on Grandma’s floor It’s fun to hear its groans and creaks, But no one sits on Grandma’s chairs Because her chairs are all antiques.

The Pig

My neighbor said he found a pig And he didn’t know what to do. I told him that, if it were me, I’d take it to the City Zoo. Last night I saw him once again. The pig was sitting in his truck. I thought the zoo had turned him down And I told him, […]

Lofty Heights

Oh it’s so very high, So high up in the air. That I’ll need a ladder To get myself up there. I won’t fall down like Jack Who fell and broke his crown. ‘Cause while I’m climbing up, I won’t be looking down. Once I’ve started up there, I won’t be coming back. I better […]