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Friendly Squeeze

I came here to visit, With my new friend Victor, Who wanted to show me His boa constrictor. He said that it’s friendly, But if that’s really true, Then just why is Victor Such a bright shade of blue?

Dog and Cat Fight*

Now Tommy’s dog And Sally’s cat Decided they Would have a spat. As cat and dog, Each of them knew, That fighting’s what They had to do. Two days and nights They fought and spat. The dog on top And then the cat. If not for chores They’d still be there. Just teeth and claws […]

Little Donny Dragon

My best friend is a dragon, Little Donny is his name. He isn’t very pretty But I like him all the same. Last Sunday, Little Donny Got kicked out of the choir. They said that when he’d sneezed It had set his robe on fire. Then yesterday at recess, He had a terrible fight. With […]

The Middle

When we go riding, I can see the sky. And sometimes the birds That are flying by. I can see the tops Of the passing cars. At night I can see The moon and the stars. I can see big trucks, With things up on top. Dad got a ticket And I saw the cop. […]

The Helmet

Every soldier needs a helmet So I wear my Daddy’s bucket. I have a trusty wooden sword And a rope belt where I tuck it. I ride Paint, my trusty stick horse And go galloping through my room. Don’t look at Paint too closely, ‘Cause you might think she’s a broom. The bucket, that is […]