Magic Treehouse

I had a magic tree house
High up in an old oak tree.
A place where I could become
Anything I’d want to be.

Sometimes I was a pilot
My tree house a jumbo jet,
I would fly above the clouds
Fly as high as I could get.

It could be a submarine
To sail deep beneath the sea.
My house could go anywhere
And take me along for free.

But the magic did not last
When my sister came to play.
The magic of my tree house
Very Quickly went away.

Girls have no ‘magination,
Sis just called my deck a floor.
The port holes were just windows
And the hatch was the front door.

She said that I’d play Daddy
No more trips out to the sun.
Just how could playing married
Be considered having fun?

She sounded just like Mother,
When Mom says that Dad’s a grouse.
She made my mighty spaceship
Into an ordinary house.

My fish business partner’s sons, Adam and Alex, have a big tree house in a huge dead oak tree. The tree died this summer during an extended drought. Its death will bring to an end the excursions of a space ship that has traveled millions of light years through space, going where no man has gone before.

I am sure that the reason the tree house has spent its uninterrupted lifetime as a spaceship is due in part to the lack of a sister in the Rudd household. The little boy in Magic Tree House was not so lucky.


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