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Jennifer Rat

Jennifer Jones just stole my name And gave it to her stupid cat! She’ll be sorry, when she finds out Mom’s buying me a new pet rat.

House Boat

Today while doing Daddy’s chores I made myself a mental note: When I get big and build my house I’m going to build it on a boat. I’ll build a big computer room, And I’ll play games from dark till dawn. Out on a boat there’ll be no grass, So I won’t have to mow […]

Design Problems

We built a boat, My friend and me So we could sail Across the sea. We made the sides From old scrap wood That we tied up With rope, real good. The bottom made From chicken wire, Our anchor was An old spare tire. Well you can guess How far we got… The anchor floated, […]

Day Dreamer

“Now what are you dreaming about?” The teacher asked Billy McCaw “About having a great big house And a million bucks like my pa.” “Your dad hasn’t got a big house, And a million bucks? I doubt it.” “Oh, pa ain’t got a million bucks, But he’s always dreamed about it.”

Green Cheese

I once read a poem All about a dumb cow Who jumped over the moon Though I don’t know just how. My mom said she’s been told Cows can jump very high. My dad who’s an expert Said he thinks it’s a lie. If she’s stuck on the moon, There’s no grass and no trees; […]