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Magic Carpet

Mommy has a magic carpet; One that can take me anywhere. And if I sit and wish a place I know that it will take me there. I’d like to take it for a ride And see the world’s amazing sights. I would have gone a week ago, If I weren’t so afraid of heights.

Captain Hook

Have you ever read a story About the famous Captain Hook? Yesterday I read about him In a Peter Pan comic book. But not a single word was said Of how the captain got his hook; Of just how he had lost his hand, Whether to crocodile or crook. Don’t you wonder what his name […]

My Desk is a Rocket Ship

Yesterday I discovered something That not even my teacher knows. My school desk is a rocket ship; Think of a place, and off it goes. When our math class gets too boring, I’ll take a fast trip to the moon. I’ll explore all of the craters, But I’ll get back for lunch at noon. I’ll […]

Mister Snowman

I have charcoal for my eyes Stuck on my frozen head. My stomach’s big and round You’d think I’d been well fed. I won’t be here for long It could be just a day. One thing I’d like to know Before I melt away, I’ve charcoal lumps for buttons And a carrot for my nose, […]

Stick Horse

I have a little stick horse That I like to ride about. It is the world’s best stick horse, I have very little doubt. I ride it in the kitchen And in every other room. But I must stop riding now Because Mother needs her broom!