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I’m going to dig to China. Mommy says it is quite a ways. I’m going to dig to China, If it takes me seven days. I was going to dig my hole In the lot across the street. But the ground there was so hard It made the shovel hurt my feet. So I’ll dig […]

A Little Boy’s Prayer

Lord, I know I’ve not been good, Sometimes I’m very bad. Mommy says the things I do Are sure to make you sad. She says that I should pray each night That you would make me good; So if you’ve time to hear my prayer, Please help me do the things I should. I know […]


I went to a costume party, They beat me black and blue. To go as a pinata Was a stupid thing to do.

Church Foot

My foot just went to sleep. It does it out of spite. I hate it when it happens. Now it’s gonna be up all night.


I lost a good friend When fate rolled the dice And caused him to get Scared half to death twice.