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He took a bull and he took a cow, He took a boar and of course a sow. He took two dogs and a couple of cats, He even took mice and a pair of rats. He took grasshoppers and honey bees But why in the world did he take the fleas?


The preacher liked to walk around And talk to those he’d meet in town. When he walked, he’d pick a street, Just to see whom he would meet. He liked to watch the human race, The smiles or frowns on each one’s face. To every one he’d tip his hat. He’d stand all day and […]

The Bicycle

Pedro wanted a bike as bad as he could want. The other boys all had one, as they were quick to taunt. He’d say a prayer each day at his grandma’s little shrine. “Dear Jesus, won’t you give me a bike that’s really mine?” He even wrote a letter and gave it to the priest. […]


Oh, he wanted to go but he didn’t have time. After all, not to go, was it such a crime? His intentions were good, when he promised to go, But at the last minute he would always say, “No”. And God wouldn’t notice, from his lofty perch, If one single person never had time for […]

My Favorite Shaggy Dog Story

Charley had a cousin who’d believe most anything. He convinced him that his frog could fly and that his dog could sing. The most fun Charley had was to make his cousin cry, So Charley stopped at nothing; he’d even tell a lie. Charley’s dad was the pastor of the biggest church in town. He […]